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60 Day Commission Guarantee

In an effort to protect both artists and clients, I spoke with my clients as well as other artists and have come up with a new commission policy.

We’ve eliminated all risk on the collector’s part while at the same time protecting my artists.

The key to a successful and fun commission experience is communication.

This new policy stresses regular communication throughout the process.

The following policy would apply for all artists represented by Serendipity
Art Sales.

1. 100% free to be on wait list. – Client can be added to any of our artist’s wait list with absolutely no money and no commitment.

2. When the artist is ready to begin piece, payment is due in full from the client.

3. Payment will be held in escrow by Serendipity Art Sales. The artist receives payment when the commission is complete!

4. Commissions will be completed within 60 days of payment or client will be offered a chance to cancel the commission and receive a FULL REFUND. *

5. Client has the option to waive the refund and grant an extension. Extensions will be granted in 14 day blocks. After each 14 day extension, the client will have the option to cancel their order and receive a full refund if the art is still not complete.

6. Any special requests for the commissions must be made before the work begins, such as costumes, settings, etc.  This is the stage to make sure the artist understands what the client want.

7. It will be up the artists discretion if they want to send out a preliminary sketch for the client’s approval.  Once they’ve approved this prelim any major changes will not be possible. **

8. Upon completion, a scan/photo of artwork will be sent to the client and your artwork will be shipped! ***

* 60 day completion guarantee only applies to standard size (up to 11×17) pieces with no more than four characters. Larger or more complex pieces will have a negotiated completion date.

** All delay time incurred during approval stages is added to the 60 day finish date.

*** All preliminary work/sketches will be retained by artist unless otherwise agreed upon.