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Andy Owens


Andy Owens is a professional comic book artist. He began his career as an assistant to Art Thibert in 1995 and began working for Top Cow Productions in 1998. He was later hired by Marvel Comics and he worked on titles like Gambit, Wolverine, X-Men and many more. Owens was also hired by Dark Horse Comics in 1999 and till this still inks their top titles including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tomb Raider. His first published work for DC Comics was in 2002 on the title Batman. Later on, he worked on titles such as Superman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Batgirl, Robin and many more.

He is currently inking the Inhumans for Marvel, and wrapped up inking duties on Robin War and Robin: Son of Batman.

Andy is currently accepting commission requests.  
Below you will find samples of Andy’s inking over various artists. Contact us for a quote as each piece is unique for pricing, but won’t be more than $150 a page.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of your request.