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Dave Tata

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Dave Tata has been in the comic book industry for over 10 years and has now been working as an animator for close to 9 years!  Dave went to college for illustration at Dartmouth.  After college, he got his first freelance job at Marvel designing, at the time, the latest craze: POGS.

From there he went on to do more work for Marvel Comics including several mini-comics, TSR gaming covers, trading cards, and children’s books.  Some of his career highlights have included the revamp of the SPIDER-MAN vs. SMOKESCREEN p.s.a. comic, TOY FAIR ’98: SPIDER-MAN vs. VENOM comic, character designs for BLACK BULL COMIC’s SHADOW REAVERS and TELLOS: THE LAST HEIST.

Dave currently resides in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife and their two children.  His full time job is an animator for Soup2Nuts Studios.

Some of his highlights at SOUP2NUTS have been, HOME MOVIES which was part of the ADULT SWIM block on CARTOON NETWORK.  SCIENCE COURT, HEY MONIE, TIME WARP TRIO, and a web sort called CLEAR!

Dave is currently accepting commission requests.  
Below you will find samples and the corresponding prices. Please allow 8-12 weeks for the
completion of your request.  Longer waiting periods are possible if Mr. Tata’s schedule
becomes more constricted.

8.5 x 11 Single Figure
Inked – $60
Color – $85

11 x 17 Single Figure
Inked – $100
Each Additional Figure – $35
Add Background – $55